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#14 (EN) Renting real estate – Interview with Tanel Orro (Reinvest24)

Hör dir hier und jetzt die neue Podcast-Folge #14 (EN) Renting real estate – Interview with Tanel Orro (Reinvest24) von InsideR In an.

Renting real estate – what should be considered? And what is true of the myths surrounding this topic? 

In today’s episode, we’ll talk about whether it’s worth it and what options there are. As a special guest we have Tanel Orro, CEO of Reinvest 24.

Tanel talks about investments in property for renting purposes, the current situation of the real estate market, the real estate market in Moldova, the secondary market of Renivnest24. Stay tuned!

Reinvest24 is a crowdfunding platform where you and other investors can buy shares in residential or commercial real estate from 100 EUR in all parts of the world and generate profits from rent and capital growth without limitation of the investment period. The concept is quite unique in Europe. You can find more information at  

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